Smart Muscles Smart Brain

Welcome to the Smart Muscles Smart Brain series:

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Learn to release tight muscles, reduce pain and improve posture with gentle somatic movement.

Whether your goal is to manage the aches and pains of daily life, to improve your posture after hunching over a desk all week, or to keep up with the grandkids, this empowering system is designed to help you move well through life and keep doing the activities you love to do for as long as possible.

You’ll learn:

  • a brain-body movement system to address underlying patterns and habits of muscular holding
  • why muscles can become tight and stay tight and why stretching doesn’t always create lasting change for tight muscles (so what’s the alternative?)
  • how to offset common postural patterns like ‘tech neck,’ rounded shoulders or a tight back with a series of gentle floor-based movements
  • movements alongside a developmental perspective, linking the phases of our early sensory-motor development and corresponding life themes
  • a complete movement toolkit that you can keep exploring.

Start learning the smart muscles, smart brain way today.


Print Book

The paperback print book is available to bookstores and libraries around the world.

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This book is written in Australian English style and as such words like, ‘centre,’ ‘ageing,’ ‘practice/practise’ will appear differently to American style spelling





The reflowable ebook format is available from your preferred online retailer, local library and direct from the author here.

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The audiobook is widely available from your favourite retailers, libraries  and direct from the author below.

For this version, the movement instructions were recorded specifically with audio only in mind.

This also allowed us to create a ‘Movement Instruction Audio Only’ package for those that may have already have a print version and would just like the audio instructions separately. Stay tuned for when this becomes available for purchase.

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Online Video Course

The online video course is where it all began!

The course is hosted through the Podia platform. Once purchased you have access to the full course.

The online course is having some cosmetic updates inside to match the new book look. You can still access the great content and a discount to celebrate the book launch. Use code: BOOKLAUNCH24



I’m a big fan of libraries and the role they play in community. The Smart Muscles Smart Brain print, eBook and audiobook are available to libraries world-wide to access. You as the patron may need to request your local library to add it to their catalogue so you can then borrow free of charge. To help your Librarian, you can give them the book identifier (ISBN) of the format you’d like:

  • Print book: 9780648643401
  • eBook: 9780648643418
  • Audiobook: 9780648643425