Somatic Movement Education

Somatic Movement Education teaches people freedom from chronic muscular tensions and the habits that contribute to tightness and pain.
Discover a system of movement that allows and empowers you to move with ease through life.

At a glance, Clinical Somatic Education (CSE):

  • is a system of neuro-muscular movement education based on the work of the late Thomas Hanna
  • is a movement based therapy and an educational process
  • offers a safe, gentle and effective way to reduce chronic muscle tension (and in turn the pain that can arise)
  • improves posture and brings awareness to our postural habits
  • offers tools to create change using movement
  • empowers you with a movement practice that you can keep exploring and use throughout life
  • offers an alternative to stretching by pandiculating and engaging the sensory-motor system, thereby creating new patterns and change
  • is a process of active and engaged education, rather than passive treatment
  • is about finding freedom and ease in movement
  • is not designed to replace the things you love to do, rather to allow you to keep doing the things you love.

A Clinical Somatic Session combines hands-on techniques with movement exercises, tailored to the individual in a one-on-one setting.

Somatic movement exercises can also be learnt as a standalone movement practice, either online or in a group or private class.

Learning this system of somatic movement education is an empowering process, giving you movement tools to keep working with at home and to use throughout life. As Somatic Educator Moshe Feldenkrais liked to impart ‘there is no limit to improvement.’

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